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Travel News and Views

What’s news in travel?  The World is opening up!  More and more countries have vaccinated their population and dropping quarantine requirements.  Most of these countries want fully vaccinated visitors.

The cruise lines are slowly adding more ships into service and continue to offer great pricing.  Because guests are vaccinated, ships are able to stop at their chosen ports of call.  Norwegian Cruise Line is requiring 100% vaccinated guests.  This eliminates families with young children.

There is a new concept in cruising.  It’s all adult, no kids, and almost all-inclusive.  There is a drink package that is reasonable and a charge for excursions.  This is not your normal cruise line.  There are no restaurant up-charges and gratuities are included.  You will have an adult experience.  The youngest guest is 18.  Call me if you are interested in more information.  816-454-3800

When you are thinking about all-inclusive resorts, there are 2 major types, all-adult and family friendly.  The all-adult resorts tend to be more expensive.  There are 3 major room categories, ocean view, pool view and garden view.  These are priced accordingly.  To me, there is nothing like pulling the blinds back in the morning and looking out over the beach and the ocean.

So, what’s important to you?  What are you looking for in an all-inclusive resort: size, a great beach, room location, a great view, great food and drink?  The same is true for the cruise lines, cabin types and locations.  This is where you want to have the help of a travel advisor.  You can book on line and if something goes wrong, you are stuck.  You can call the cruise lines.  Remember, the reservation agent works for the cruise line.  Your travel advisor works for you.  

If I can help, please give me a call.  Happy Holidays!


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