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Why Use A Travel Advisor

There are numerous reasons to book your vacation with a travel advisor.  For me, there are three.

1.  With all the confusion surrounding the pandemic and travel restrictions changing all the time, wouldn’t you rather work with someone who can guide you through the booking process rather than depending on hearsay?

2.  Do you have the time to search through the mountainous amount of information you can find on the internet?  Or would you rather spend a little time talking with a travel professional who can make recommendations?

3.  Remember, the travel professional is working for you not some commissioned sales person employed by a vender.  You are dealing with a person and not filling in the blanks on an inanimate object that has no interest in you at all.  If you make a mistake, the internet doesn’t care.

4.  A reminder.  The internet is for looking.  Your travel advisor is for booking.

Here’s a hint.  Rumblings have it that you will need a Real ID by May 4th, 2023.  Do check your driver’s license.  If it is due to expire between now and then, add the real ID.  Requirements can be found on the internet.

Have you seen the latest cruise line ads on TV?  Three of my favorites are there.  I book them all.

1. Royal Caribbean has won more cruising excellence awards than any other cruise line.

2.  Virgin Voyages is the only all-adult cruise line sailing.  Some of my travel agent friends have been on board and they loved it.  No kids.

3.  American Cruise Line sails the major rivers of the US.  You don’t have to venture outside the country to cruise.

Travel is on the way back and I’m here to help. Call me now for Happy Travels.

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