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What You Need to Know to Travel

Want to travel outside the US?  There are two necessary items.  You must have proof of a vaccination and a passport.

Getting the vaccination is not a problem.  Not having a passport is.  Right now the State Department says that if you pay an extra $60.00 fee on top of the standard fee, you can hope to get your passport within 12 weeks.  Otherwise, look forward to an 18-week wait.  This is true for renewals as well.  If you plan to travel in late fall or early winter I recommend applying yesterday.

Here’s what I know to date.  This can change overnight.  Hawaii wants all travelers from the US and Canada to be fully vaccinated.  Mexico’s governor of the state where Cancun is located now wants travelers to be fully vaccinated.  I have seen this on travel emails I receive.  Be safe.  Get vaccinated.  In fact, everywhere I have looked outside the US, I have seen vaccinations required.  Some countries are even asking for negative Covid Tests as well as vaccinations.  New York City is about to require proof of vaccinations to enter restaurants, gyms and other public venues. 

What are the major cruise lines doing?  They are trying to follow the CDC’s recommendations despite Florida’s Governor and State Legislature.  Granted, some of the CDC’s requirements are ridiculous.  But the 95% passengers and 100% of the crew being vaccinated in my opinion is not.  You can cruise without being vaccinated.  But both Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and Carnival Corporation are making it very uncomfortable for those unvaccinated guests with varying requirements.  You might wish you had taken the shots. 

Whether you are interested in Hawaii, the Theme Parks, All-inclusive Resorts, Europe or Cruising, I will be happy to work with you through all the unknowns to ensure your Honeymoon will be everything you expect and more!  Call me if you would like more information.


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