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Hackers are imitating hotel and resort Wi-Fi name (SSID) in order to hack your device.  Here are some precautions:

  • Always ask the front desk for the correct Wi-Fi name and where there is coverage.  You might want to write this information down.  Any other address that looks like it might be correct will be fake and you will be hacked.
  • When you log into a public network, shut off the Auto Join Function.  Then, every so often, hit the Forget This Network, wait a couple of minutes and log in again.
  • To avoid more problems when first logging in, enter your name and then a false room number.  If the system lets you in, there is a problem.  Let the hotel management know.  Then log in with the correct room number.
  • This is also an everyday life concern!  Be careful where and to whom you let your devices auto connect to!
  • Here's a video for a more in-depth explanation.

Hackers are also working in crowds with credit card sensing equipment.  You can avoid problems by cutting a piece of aluminum foil the size of a dollar bill and sliding it in your wallet.  You might want to have it laminated.
Need a passport?  Now is the time get one.  As of April 2nd, the price goes up from $135.00 to $145.00 for adults and from $105.00 to $115.00 for those 16 and under.
Be prepared to pay more for resort fees at many hotels.  Las Vegas is the worst.  Remember, the advertised price never includes resort fees and taxes.  Always check these before you go.

Here is a note to my LGBT friends.  Celebrity Cruises is the first cruise line to perform LGBT weddings at sea.  They can do this because their ships are registered in Malta.

If you are interested in Dominican Republic All-Inclusives like Punta Cana, there is a non-stop flight from Kansas City departing on Fridays and returning on Thursdays.
Please don’t forget to pass along the 10% discount to our Military, Police and Firefighters.  There’s a link on my website with more information.
Just remember, I’m as close as an email or phone call away. 

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