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**Warning**  -  As a travel agent, I receive promotions from everywhere.  Recently, there have been travel companies from a number of countries offering promotions that look to be very enticing.  The problem is that you have no recourse should something go wrong when you deal with these overseas companies.  If you are interested in one of these tour operators, call me and I’ll do the research to see if they are indeed legitimate. 

Here are some travel hints.  If you want to get out of the winter cold, you are going to pay for it unless you book early.  High season for all warm weather vacation venues, cruises and resorts usually begins the week of Christmas and ends mid-April including Spring Break.  Here are some of the complications you'll face:

  • Cabins and rooms are full.
  • There are lots of people.
  • There can be long lines or long waits. 
  • The weather can cause flight problems...  I’ll stay cold.
  • Booking for winter is best done during late summer thru early fall.

Spring is better.  Fewer people, better rates and great weather.  Late summer can be really hot in the Caribbean and Mexico.  I’ve had to wear sandals to walk on the beach in August.  From late August through mid-October is the greatest the threat of hurricanes.  But, Aruba, Curacao, Barbados and Grenada are out of the hurricane belt.  That leaves late fall, the last of October through mid-December, as an excellent time to be in the Caribbean.
When do you book to take advantage of the lowest deposits, the best room and cabin availability and the best incentives?  Now, through the next few weeks while these offers last.  Most of the cruise lines and all-inclusive resorts are offering specials.
Booking Royal Caribbean now, you save 30% per guest and up to $100.00 on-board credit. Princess is offering one free specialty restaurant experience and up to $300.00 on board credit as examples.  There are many more resorts and cruises available with small deposits.
Does any of this interest you?  Call me for more information.  Happy Travels!


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