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The months of great travel specials will be coming to a close soon. Right now is the time to book. All vacation destinations are offering specials. From Cruises to all-inclusive resorts, to airlines with the lowest fares for future travels, everyone is looking for bookings. The later you wait to book, the higher the price you’ll pay. All that’s necessary is an arrival and return date plus a small per person deposit that can be refunded until the final payment date. Call me at 816-454-3800.

I’m often asked, “Why use a Travel Agent?” Here are a few reasons why you might. You can discuss your travel plans with a real, live person. You don’t have the time to wade through the vast amount of information on the internet. A good travel agent will have travel insights you will never find on the internet. Finally, when you click on the Check-out Button, you are committed. There is no recourse.

There are reasons why I’m a Certified Sandals & Beaches Resorts Specialist. These resorts offer veterans, retired and active duty military personnel a 10% discount when staying there. This is true for active police and firefighters as well. When you have stayed at one of their resorts, there is a past guest discount. This is huge when you compare with other resorts. If you don’t fall into any one of these categories, please pass this information along to anyone you might know who is. Sandals, all adult, Beaches, family friendly, Resorts have won more awards than any other Caribbean resort group.

Just remember, I’m here to help you with all your vacation travel needs. All it takes is a phone call, 816-454-3800, or an email, . Have a great day.



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