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Book Your Next Ski Adventure with RD Travel Limited, Inc.



Russ Dubuc, owner of RD Travel Limited, Inc. is the one person to book your ski vacation.  With over 20 years’ experience in the ski industry, Russ is a Certified Ski Instructor, has taught skiing at Vail and Breckenridge and was once a member of the National Ski Patrol.  Presently, he is a part-time supervisor at Kansas City’s local ski area.



Now that he is in the travel business, Russ has developed relationships where he is able to send you not only to US Ski Resorts but to any major ski resort around the world.  If it’s Canada, Europe or South America, Russ can book you.  He takes care of your lodging, lift tickets, rental equipment and airfare, one turn-key package.



Give Russ a call or send him an email.  He is your Kansas City Ski Concierge.