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Exciting Travel News!


All kinds of great things are happening in the Travel Industry over the next few weeks.  This is the best time of year to book travel!  A small deposit will guarantee the best price. Most deposits are REFUNDABLE.

What is your dream vacation?  Is it a Caribbean All-inclusive?  Is it England, Ireland or Scotland?  What about Italy or Grease?  Have you cruised the Caribbean, Alaska or the Mediterranean?  How about Hawaii?  I can send you to any of these plus so many more incredible vacation destinations.

Why am I excited about 2023 travel?  I have reached out to several new companies who offer the best possible travel experiences.  With the resources I have now, I can send you almost anywhere.  All you have to do is call. 

So, why do you really want to work with me?  The most important reason is that I care about you.  I will give you important information that you won’t get by booking on-line or talking with a corporate sales person.  An on-line booking source is a cold inanimate object.  Make a mistake and you are done.  A corporate sales person is only interested in collecting your money.  I want you to have a wonderful experience.

Here is just some of the information I’ve gathered.  This is Wave Season.  It’s when the cruise lines are offering their best rates of the year.  Some of the all-inclusive resorts are offering great pricing as well.  The all-adult cruise line I’ve been referring to definitely deserves a look.  Their ratings are excellent.  There are no kids.  Gratuities are included in the price.  There are no specialty restaurant up-charges and their drink package is reasonable.  In other words, they don’t nickel and dime you to death.

The key to travel now days is to book as early as possible and book with a reputable Travel Advisor.  I’m as close as your phone.

Have Happy Travels. 

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