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A Great Time to Travel


Didn’t want to deal with the summertime crazies but still want to go?  It’s not too late to book this fall.  As one travel writer commented, “It’s the time when everything’s just right.  Weather, crowds and prices are all moderate.”  Hurricane Season winds down in the Caribbean and the weather in Europe is gorgeous. 

There are all kinds of travel specials from cruise lines, all-inclusive resorts, and some theme parks.  Late fall, mid-October thru mid-November traditionally have been one of the slowest times for travel and pricing is an indication of that.

Many countries are eliminating Covid entry requirements, and some have dropped Covid requirements all together.  Call me on this and I will check.  It’s still wise to be vaccinated. 

You might consider a fall foliage cruise departing from the northeast US.  American river cruises are becoming extremely popular.  Memphis to New Orleans is a history buff’s dream.

Have you missed an Alaskan Cruise this summer?  My go to cruise lines are Holland America and Princess.  Both are offering great pricing from now thru the 2023 season.  Royal Caribbean has specials for this fall and into 2023.

Single travelers take note.  Celebrity Cruise Line is dropping their Single Supplement where a single person in a 2-person cabin pays double.  They are doing this on 275 cruises in all cabin categories from now until March 2023.  Norwegian Cruise Line has a special cabin section for single travelers.

Finally, don’t forget to check your passport’s expiration date or if you need one, it’s taking 8 to 11 weeks for processing.  Plus, you’ll need a Real ID Driver’s license by March 2023.

Call me about this or any other travel question.  I want to be sure you are a Happy Traveler.

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