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RD Travel Limited’s May Newsletter


Travel trends are changing. Back in the day, booking at the last minute was the way to get the best prices. A few are still available, but are you flexible enough to take advantage of them?


If you are a “stay in the US person”, last minute booking is still not the best idea. Hotel pricing is occupancy driven. Meaning, as rooms fill up, prices go up. Airlines play the same game with flights. Starting low and going high. The only way to beat the system is to plan and book early.


Here is a sad story. I have a customer who wanted to fly to an all-adult all-inclusive Caribbean resort in the middle of June. We checked a few of my favorite resorts. The more popular rooms were sold out. The flights were either ridiculously priced or unavailable. Final payment to the resort was 45 days prior to departure. Had we booked in January or earlier, this vacation might have happened.


What about cruising? There are summertime specials available. Two of the more popular cruise lines want final payment 90 days prior to sailing. One of the three wants the final payment 120 days prior to departure.



Keeping the above in mind, is Alaska on your bucket list? My favorite cruise line sailing to Alaska is offering this special. Up to 45% off fares, up to $300 Onboard Credit, 50% Reduced Deposit plus free fares for guests 3 & 4. This promotion ends May 31st. Call me for this one!



Other Promotions to Alaska


I haven’t seen much from the Florida theme parks. I do know that ticket and hotel prices are high and the humidity in Florida is bad in August.


We know that prices will continue to raise. 2025 schedules are out. Plan and book early for Happy Travels.










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