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RD Travel Limited's September Newsletter


The travel words for the month of September are make plans and book now. This is especially true if you want to travel over the Holidays. As plane seats begin to fill, prices will go up.

I continue to see specials from various venders. For instance, Alaska 2024 is now on sale. The best way to see Alaska is on a Cruise Tour where you cruise by the glaciers and then travel to the interior.

Speaking of cruising, this form of vacationing has changed completely from ship size to destinations. Now there is a cruise line for almost everyone. It all depends on what you are looking for.

  • Is it price?
  • is it on board activities?
  • Is it more family friendly than others?
  • Is it quality of life on board?

What is most important to you on a cruise vacation? I can answer all of these questions and show you your options when you call me for an appointment.

There is another popular form of vacationing outside the US, All-inclusive Resorts on Caribbean Islands and on the East and West coast of Mexico. Here too is another case of what are you looking for. There are huge resorts with as many as 1,000 rooms or do you want a more intimate experience. Again, it all depends on what is most important to you.

  • Is it the beach?
  • Is it your view from the room, ocean, pool or a garden view?
  • Do you want lots of on-resort activities? 
  • Are you interested in all-adult or family-friendly resorts?
  • Would you want a Butler?
  • Do you want to visit a particular Caribbean Island?

I can help you make all of these decisions when you call me for an appointment.

My office hours are flexible to be able to offer you any reasonable time to meet, that includes Saturdays. I look forward to working with you for Happy Travels.




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