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Wedding & Honeymoon Cruises

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Rock the Boat on Your Wedding /Honeymoon...

When it comes to a Honeymoon Cruise, your choices are immense.  Cruise lines range in price from mass marketers to ultra-luxurious.  There are ocean and river cruise lines with itineraries that cover the world.  Here in the US, the Caribbean is the most popular cruising destination.  Alaska is second.  Ft. Lauderdale is the most popular port of embarkation.
Each cruise line has numerous ships with different lengths and passenger capacities.  There are three cabin categories:  Inside, Outside and Balconies.  Balconies are the most popular.
For a Wedding at Sea, my preferred cruise lines are Carnival, considered a mass marketer, Royal Caribbean is mid-range and Princess is considered a premium cruise line.  Each has an excellent wedding department.  I recommend these three cruise lines for your Wedding at Sea because they sail the Caribbean year-round.
Once I book your cabin and you have an idea of the number of your guests, I will have the cruise line assign a wedding coordinator to handle all your wedding arrangements while I book your guest’s cabins.  Have a marvelous wedding.


Princess Cruises

A romantic journey awaits onboard one of our beautiful ships, as you embark on a new life together. At sea, in a unique port or an exotic destination, Tie the Knot weddings excite your imagination with an unforgettable wedding and reception created by professionals who turn your special moments into lifetime memories.



Royal Caribbean Cruises

Royal Caribbean has everything you need to make your wedding as beautiful and seamless as you can imagine. From the right venue to the right menu, you’ll find fantastic choices onboard. Our inclusive wedding packages leave room for customization and those special personal touches, so the cake, flowers, music, breakfast-in-bed, and more are up to you.



Carnival Cruises

However you spend it, you’ll definitely remember your wedding day forever. Carnival helps folks make fun memories every day, so just imagine what we can do for a festive event like your wedding. Picture your wedding photos with a blue sea-sky background or white-sand beach behind you… and a gentle breeze through your hair. Oh, and don’t forget the guests!