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Travel Warnings 


It’s my goal that through my travel newsletter to keep you informed. Sometimes, this is positive information and sometimes it’s not so positive. 


There is a major problem in the Caribbean. It’s sargassum, floating seaweed rafts that can be miles long. It washes ashore, the algae dies and starts to decompose. Toxic gases are released into the air, causing a rotten egg smell. Acid and heavy metals are left behind to make their way into the sea, altering the water’s acidity levels and further depleting oxygen. This mainly affects shorelines with eastern exposure. Thus, a major problem for resorts on the east coast of Mexico and any east-facing beach in the Caribbean Islands. It’s intermittent and unpredictable. Just be aware. Everyone is doing their best to combat the problem. 


The Dominican Republic up until recently has been the most popular destination in the Caribbean. With what has happened on the island, the government is ramping up safety measures that include doubling hotel inspections, detailed food handling procedures and comprehensive information on all food and beverage suppliers. Their hope is that these along with other safety measures will ease travelers’ minds. 


Finally, the least expensive airline flying to Europe from Kansas City will cease operations in the middle of September. Iceland Air would fly from Kansas City to Iceland where connecting flights were available to all the major European Cities. The airline indicated their decision was due to the grounding of the Max 8. My guess is because theirs was not a daily schedule and too hard to coordinate. So, they didn’t fill their planes. 


Just remember. I’m as close as a phone call or an email away. Happy travels. 

Happy Travels, Russ

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